Corporate Online Fitness Classes

Now Available

Tues-Fri at 12 noon daily (30-45 minutes long)

Tuesdays: Yoga Flow

  • Classes range from restorative poses to power flow to core workouts to promote strength and increase heart rate
  • Designed for a good workout that will keep you healthy, reduce stress, and increase focus
  • New to Yoga or not, this class is geared for all levels


Wednesdays: Core Yoga Fusion

  • The Trifecta- Blending the best of Pilates, yoga and barre
  • Scintillating fusion flow with all of your favorite modalities in mind
  • Combining breath work (pranayama), core strengthening, and slow, steady vinyasa flow
  • Whether you’re moving through an injury, pregnant, stiff, tight, stressed out, brand new to yoga, or on a mission to improve your current practice

Thursdays: Bootcamp

  • Get your booty moving and build some muscle!
  • Workouts are core focused and will leave you with a great full body workout
  • Blending flexibility, mobility, body strength for movement, stamina and speed

Friday(s): Stretch(ing) for those who never stretch

  • Stretching for you Corporate Athletes 
  • Get off your computer and lets get your shoulders away from your ears
  • Help you ground and get focused for your afternoon meetings
  • No increased heart rate, no post shower just non vigorous stretching w/Anatomy understanding

All classes are 45 minutes long; available for daily or weekly programs!
For Group Rate Packages, please contact us